Strawberry Mango Smoothie

The dried mint is optional – it just gives the smoothie a bit of a “wake up”.  If these fruits are not in season, substitute equal amounts of partially thawed, frozen mango cubes and whole strawberries.



2 cups strawberries, rinsed

1 large ripe mango (about 1 cup cubed)

1-1/2 cups low-fat or fat-free milk

1 cup fat free vanilla yogurt

¼ teaspoon dried mint (optional)

Ice cubes



Combine the strawberries, mango cubes, and milk in the container of a blender.  Blend on high until smooth, about 1 minute.  Add the yogurt and mint (optional) to the blended ingredients.  Blend on high an additional 20 seconds.  Fill drinking glasses with ice cubes.  Pour the smoothie over the ice and serve cold.



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