Shamrock Smoothie

This is a fun recipe to make with the kids on St. Patty’s Day! You can mix this recipe up by swapping out different kinds of fruit, juice or yogurt. Once the fruit is frozen, it can be transferred into a storage bag for longer storage.


6 kiwi fruit, peeled and quartered

1 cup seedless green grapes

1 banana, peeled and cut into pieces

1 6 oz. carton low-fat vanilla yogurt

1 cup white grape juice, chilled

3 tablespoons honey

1-2 drops of green food coloring (optional)

Fresh slices of kiwi for garnish


Place kiwi and banana pieces on a plate and freeze, uncovered, for 2 hours.  In a blender, combine grapes, yogurt, juice, honey and about ? of the frozen fruit.  Cover and blend until almost smooth.  Slowly add remaining fruit, blending after each addition until smooth.  Add food coloring , if you like.  Pour into glasses  and garnish with kiwi slices.

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