Quick Black Bean Quesadillas

Nutrition Facts:

Calories 290

Protein 13g

Carbohydrate 33g

Fat 12g

Sodium 591mg

Fiber 4g

This is a quick recipe – only 20 minutes to prepare and cook!  To lower the fat content, use reduced-fat cheddar cheese.  Rinse the black beans to lower the sodium content.  If using large tortillas (for a more filling meal), use more beans, cheese, and peppers.



½ cup red or green bell pepper, chopped

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

½ cup black beans, cooked and drained

4 whole wheat or corn tortillas

¼ cup salsa

¼ cup lettuce

Vegetable oil spray



Spray pan with vegetable oil.  Heat pan over medium heat and place one tortilla into the pan.  Place ¼ of the bell pepper, black beans, and cheddar cheese onto the tortilla.  Put most of the   ingredients to the left side of the tortilla.  When the cheese     begins to melt, fold the tortilla in half.  Press down slightly to seal the sides together, and then flip the quesadilla over to brown both sides.  Repeat the process with the remaining tortillas.  Spoon a little salsa and lettuce on top and enjoy.

Serves 4


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