Berry Blue Summer Fruit Pops

Ice cube trays make great popsicle molds!  After pouring the mixture into the ice cube trays, cover the filled tray with foil.  Insert a pop stick through the foil into each ice cube mold.  Freeze until firm, then carefully remove foil.



8 ounce container blueberry yogurt

½ cup frozen blueberries, chopped

¼ cup cranberry juice

1 tablespoon honey

6 frozen pop molds (2oz) with handles or disposable cups with pop sticks



Stir together yogurt, berries, juice and honey in a small bowl.  Spoon mixture into 2oz. freezer molds and insert handle. If using paper cups, spoon mixture into cups and cover each with foil.  Cut a small hole in center of each foil top and insert pop stick.  Freeze about 6 hours or until firm.

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